Partner Dancing

Learn how to gently lead and follow every step in every social dance unambiguously.

"These rules are great. How come everybody does not know them?" ~ Anne, social dancer

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"Your method really works. When I went back to Los Angeles, everyone was telling me how good of a follower I was. They said all the other ladies were pulling on them, but I was so easy to dance with." ~ Tanya Beatty, social dancer

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How to Dance with a Partner, Communicate Every Step in Every Dance Unambiguously, dance lessons for ballroom, salsa, swing, tango

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The Most Important Advance in Social Dancing Since Men and Women Began Dancing Together

You can unambiguously communicate every step in every social dance in the same way with every person following the three laws of balance, connection, and direction.

Andrew Weitzen's ABCDs of

How to Dance with a Partner

The ABCDs Are the Gentlest Method of Dancing With a Partner

Communicate Every Step in Every Social Dance Unambiguously

Dance as Light as a Feather Without Any Pushing and Pulling

Dance as One with Your Partner

Improvise to the Music

Master Your Balance

Have More Fun

The Solution to a One-Thousand Year Old Problem

Men and women have been social dancing together at least as far back as the eleventh century. Until now, there was no clearly defined method for communicating. Now we know how to explicitly let our partner know what to do.

You Can Lead and Follow Every Figure With Just Three Signals

Every figure in social dancing is made up of only four basic patterns. You can lead and follow these four basic patterns and therefore every figure in social dancing with just three signals. Learn how.

The Science of Leading and Following

Feel More Comfortable, Confident, and Popular

Be the Smartest Dancer in Your Group

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